C 055

C 055

Arlebury House, Arlebury Park, The Avenue c.1910

1774 : The house (also knows as New Place), was built as a 'handsome Italianate Georgian mansion' by William Harris, who also created the parkland and formal gardens.

Early 19th century : Admiral F J P Marx ocupied the house.

1883 : The Walford family took over Arlebury Park where they remained for three generations.

1944 : The estate was bought by E E Witchard who farmed the agricultural land and divided the house into eight substantial flats, one of which his family occupied.

1947 to 1977 : The Martin family occupied the house.

1995 : The house was purchased by the M25 Group, which created 12 apartments within a much-reduced park area. Some of the original outbuildings such as stables have been developed separately.

There are several large cedar trees, some of which are home to numerous nesting herons, both in the grounds belonging to the apartments as well as in the larger estate belonging to the M25 Group.

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