Day Trip to Wannock Gardens ?

Day Trip to Wannock Gardens ?

Customers from the Bell Hotel enjoy a day trip to Wannock Gardens in Polegate, Sussex in the 1940’s

Some of the people in the photograph have been identified as:

(01 & 10) Mr White, Town Trustee, ran the Civic Cinema and his wife. (05) Mrs Rustell, caretaker at the Dean School. (14 & 13) Mr White, manager of a shoe shop and his wife. (15 & 16) Alf Chalk and his wife Renie. (18 & 17) Bob Deere, lived above Wessex Chemist Shop. and his wife. (19 & 26) Mr Port and his wife. (22 & 31) Edgar Blake, manager of World’s Stores, East Street and his wife. (25) Amy Chapman. (29 & 30) Reg Smith and his wife Emily. (34 & 33) Bill Williams, Landlord of Bell Hotel and his wife Betty. (36) Gentleman worked at Hankin’s Garage. (37 & 38) Mr and Mrs George Lister. (39) Richard Williams [son of 34 & 33]

Can you help identify any other local people on this trip?

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